Brand is, among many things, about perception.

The Indiana University–Purdue University Fort Wayne Identity System will help us move forward together by communicating consistent, engaging messages. Establishing a strong identity takes place over time and through many initiatives large and small. Please note that this is a collaborative effort and Marketing Communications is ready to partner with you.

To assist you in your day-to-day efforts, we’ve provided the following resources through our microsite:

  • University guidelines to help you market across all platforms
  • Standards and best practices
  • Downloadable graphic assets
  • Standard key messages

As you become familiar with the identity system, you’ll find that it provides new efficiencies and consistency across all marketing material. Whether you’re updating print, digital, or other assets—having access to existing content that clearly conveys your key messages and elevates the IPFW presence increases quality and saves time.

Through your support of these guidelines and feedback about what works well and what doesn’t, IPFW can achieve greater recognition and clarity as we continue to expand our leadership in academics, in northeast Indiana, and beyond.

Jack Patton
Executive Director
Chief Marketing Officer
IPFW Marketing Communications

Marketing Communications

Creates and disseminates signatures, and interprets, communicates, and updates university identity policies. Also, ensures adherence to identity policies and determines appropriateness of using IPFW marks.

260-481-6808, ipfw.edu/marketing-communications

IPFW Purchasing

Manages external vendors to ensure adherence to identity policies, and determines appropriateness of using IPFW marks with those of other organizations.

260-481-6800, ipfw.edu/purchasing

Printing Services

Prints official stationary (letterhead, envelopes, business cards) once the appropriate signature has been obtained from Marketing Communications.

260-481-6801, ipfw.edu/printing

IPFW Administration and Board of Trustees

Serve as champions of the Identity System and endorse policies.