IPFW Organizational and Brand Architecture

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A well-defined brand architecture maximizes the opportunity for each program and creates clarity for our internal and external stakeholders.

Internally, we will be able to make more strategic decisions about organizing our visual representation and messaging.

Externally, customers/students will better understand what IPFW is about and what we have to offer.

IPFW University Brand

IPFW Brand

The IPFW name and Marks are our unique identifiers that distinguish us from all other institutions/corporation.

IPFW Sub-brand(s): Administrative, Academic, Non-Academic

Executive Staff/Administration
Academic Units (Colleges, Schools, Divisions)

IPFW Secondary Sub-brand: Academic, Non-Academic

Departments, Centers of Excellence, Named Programs, Non-Departmental Programs

IPFW Co-brand

Activities, Events, Affiliates, and Host Partners

Our Blueprint

IPFW organizational architecture translates to a brand architecture that provides a blueprint for how closely our academic units, departments, degree programs, and services are related and complement one another. The goal of defining this architecture is to avoid incongruence and competition within our brand presentation. This guide references the multiple layers within the IPFW structure and how messaging and visual presentation coexist within the overall brand structure.