Brand and Sub-Brand Definitions

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IPFW University Brand

The brand known to the general public and used across all of our programs/services. How we are known to all of our customers/ students. The university brand is used alone or in conjunction with our other sub-brands and should be most visible and prominent.

IPFW Sub-brand

IPFW’s sub-brands are our executive level administrative units as well as our academic units. Each academic unit uses the parent brand to endorse their college, school or division and takes a secondary role to the brand.

IPFW Secondary Sub-brand

Individual and/or specific degree programs are presented as units of the academic unit and use both the academic unit and the university brand to endorse programs.

IPFW Co-brand

IPFW Co-Brands are those activities, events, and programs which we sponsor and may contain a separate visual identity. The separate identity falls within four categories:

  1. Programs with IPFW hosts and are primarily funded by outside sources. These organizations/programs have outside agencies/administrative units which govern their functioning and IPFW must honor brand requirements associated with these programs. (Examples: TRIO, Upward Bound)
  2. Programs which academic units/degree programs sponsor. These programs/activities are recurring or ongoing and may have a transient campaign look or feel. (Examples: UC2, Women of the World, SOAR)
  3. IPFW Affiliates Offices and organizations that IPFW collaborates with and which provide opportunities for our students and our research. (Examples: Allen County Extension, The Communicator, Follett's Bookstore)
  4. Donor and sponsor organizations which contribute to ongoing or recurring IPFW events and programs. These sponsorships and associated funding are usually acknowledged by the placement of an outside organization's logo near the IPFW mark. When IPFW and another organization co-sponsor events/activities, both organizations' marks/visual identity systems must be taken into consideration; however, IPFW's presence must be prominent. (Examples: RiverFest, Omnibus, Tapestry)