Introduction to the IPFW Identity System Indiana University–Purdue University Fort Wayne

This system was created to establish, preserve, and strengthen the branding of IPFW.

IPFW is on the move—and so is our image.

Northeast Indiana has been touched by IPFW in many ways and there's hardly a person who is not aware of the university. Our students, faculty, staff, and alumni have made significant contributions to the well-being and lifestyle of northeast Indiana residents. Our reputation is growing nationally and internationally and it's important that we receive credit for our contributions. For this reason, and to set our customers' expectations, it is important that we present a consistent and comprehensive identity. The IPFW Identity System is one way to bring greater recognition and clarity, as well as aesthetic unity, to the university.

This system was created to establish, preserve, and strengthen the branding of our university—and also to offer guidance in how best to utilize common visual and editorial assets in everyday practice. This guide focuses particularly on how to present information in a hierarchical fashion so that the IPFW presence is clearly evident and our sub-brands and co-brands complement the university brand.

Maintaining a cohesive and coherent brand identity across campus is essential to furthering the mission, vision, and values of IPFW and is based upon a solid brand architecture with clear guides to information hierarchy. This guide is designed to explain the fundamental assets of our brand, define the relationship within the university that sets the foundation for our information hierarchy, explore best practices, and encourage cooperation for the betterment of IPFW.

Within this guide, you will find general guidelines for the most common facets of our brand and its applications, and a vision of where we want to go as a presence in the community and a leader in higher education.