Contact Information


Contact Title Phone Email
Jack Patton Executive Director and Chief Marketing Officer 260-481-6710

Support Staff/Operations

Contact Title Phone Email
Nan Bremer Secretary/Editorial Assistant 260-481-6808
Tina Ostermeyer Operations Manager 260-481-6428

Client Relations Team

Contact Title Phone Email
Laurel Alberson Lead Marketing Specialist 260-481-6166
Susan Alderman Marketing Specialist 260-481-6165

Editorial Team

Contact Title Phone Email
Tamara Sorg Editorial Manager 260-481-6979
Aaron McClaskey Creative Copywriter 260-481-6538

Web/Digital Team

Contact Title Phone Email
Barton Tyner Web Manager 260-481-6170
Maureen Davey Web Developer II 260-481-4166
Valerie Gough Social Media Manager 260-481-6848

Design/Creative Team

Contact Title Phone Email
Katie Briner Art Director 260-481-0198
Bobbi Shadle Graphic Designer 260-481-6927
Ruth Petitti Graphic Designer 260-481-6987


Contact Title Phone Email
Jim Whitcraft Graphic Designer/Photographer 260-481-6522

In creating this identity system, IPFW Marketing Communications evaluated numerous design systems and style guides from corporate communications to higher education systems. The system of Indiana University, one of our parent schools, most closely matched our needs and provided both the flexibility and structure we were looking for. We thank them for their inspiration and assistance with this endeavor.