Information Hierarcy and Signature Flexibility

Hierarchy Options

Our identity system must accurately express important relationships between colleges, departments, programs, and events (The university brand, sub-brands, secondary sub-brands, and co-brands). A simple, yet sophisticated information hierarchy system has been developed to allow for appropriate identification. At the same time it permits variation without compromising the overall cohesiveness of the Identity System.

The system allows individual units to determine exact levels of importance, expressed typographically within a signature, providing an opportunity to customize information according to the needs of the user.

The signature system allows for varied configurations of information according to desired emphasis, based on target audiences and communication goals.

In certain circumstances, it may be desirable to use a signature that typographically emphasizes a specific unit. In others, it may be advantageous to typographically emphasize IPFW.

  • Brand Emphasized

  • Sub-Brand Emphasized

  • Secondary Sub-Brand Emphasized