Brand-level Features and Benefits

Marketing Communications has compiled a list of the most prominent features and engaging benefits of our university. The following features and their associated benefits are ordered based on research conducted by Indiana Research Service, Carnegie Communications LLC, and the IPFW Student Satisfaction survey. These metrics were identified in June 2012.

IPFW Feature Benefit To Whom How We Deliver Why It Matters
Worthwhile Investment Value; great education; great opportunities after graduation Prospective students and their parents; alumni; prospective employers; prospective faculty Affordable education; connection to community and regional employers; well-rounded education. We prepare our students for the job market with an affordable, marketable education According to our university vision, IPFW will be know for its excellence, value, and accessibility of its academic programs
Supportive Environment Attentive and supportive campus environment; fostering success and excellence; helpful campus atmosphere; a safe and friendly place to go to school Prospective students and their parents; alumni Student-centric administrative focus; small class sizes According to our university vision, IPFW will be an exceptional environment for teaching, learning, and student achievement
International Connections We connect students with the world through international education opportunities, study abroad, and an awareness of the interconnected nature of education, business, community, and opportunity; students gain a global perspective; experiential learning is not limited to northeast Indiana Prospective students and their parents; current students; faculty and prospective faculty; community and business leaders; the international community Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs; study abroad opportunities; student organizations that recognize and celebrate international awareness; agreements with universities in other parts of the world; international summits, conferences, and workshops; exchange student programs IPFW’s values include a campus environment that promotes integrity, respect for diversity, responsible citizenship, accountability, sustainability, and continuous improvement
Networking An active partnership with the community encourages reciprocity in learning, economic initiatives, and the overall growth of northeast Indiana—all of which directly benefit our students, faculty, and staff Prospective students and their parents; current students; community and business leaders A strong presence in the community; joint partnerships with businesses, government agencies, and not-forprofits; community events; a prominent employer in the region; development and enrichment of Fort Wayne, Allen County, and northeast Indiana IPFW’s value statement includes partnership with the community to enhance social, economic, cultural, civic, and intellectual life in the region
Student Life We connect students with the campus and community; we connect students with prospective employers; we connect students with faculty; we connect students with each other; we offer the opportunity for a great college experience Prospective students and their parents; current students; community and business leaders 100+ student organizations; community institutions that partner with the university (Cinema Center, Continuum Art Gallery, etc.); campus events Opportunities for more well-rounded, memorable college experience that prepares students for the future
Diversity Exposure to new ideas and cultures; global perspective for our students; varying interests lead to broad opportunities; equips our students for a global marketplace (and may make job candidates more marketable) Prospective students and their parents; minority institutions in the community; faculty candidates Offices devoted to multiculturalism; study abroad and exchange opportunities; campus events celebrating diversity; open-access campus; 150 percent increase in minority enrollment over the past two decades According to our university values, IPFW is committed to a campus environment that promotes a respect for diversity
Baccalaureate Framework The IPFW Baccalaureate Framework provides students with a consistent, superior education; it confers unto our faculty the foundation upon which their instruction may rest; we offer exceptional coursework with clear goals Prospective students and their parents; current students; faculty and prospective faculty; community and business leaders Our academic program model closely adheres to the vision of the baccalaureate framework to provide the best possible education to our students IPFW is committed to excellence in teaching, student learning, research, creative endeavor, and regional development. As such, IPFW’s stated values include a strong general education program and baccalaureate framework that emphasize critical thinking, promote lifelong learning, and continue the traditions of the sciences, arts, and humanities