Brand Overviews

Foundational Messaging

Our brand overview contains key messaging about IPFW, its campus, and its community. It can be considered the foundational messaging of the university and focuses on statistical data about IPFW. The brand overviews are updated to reflect new data. (This verbiage was formerly termed the “IPFW boilerplate.”)

Equal Opportunity/Equal Access (EO/EA) Requirements

The Equal Opportunity/Equal Access (EO/ EA) statement is part of the university signature, and thus must appear on all disseminated print/digital materials that contain the branding mark.

The EO/EA line should apply for all marketing uses. The line can be left off for administrative uses. When using the boilerplate in its entirety, it is not necessary to use the EO/EA line (IPFW is an Equal Opportunity/Equal Access University) on the marketing piece.]


About Indiana University–Purdue University Fort Wayne

Established in 1964, Indiana University–Purdue University Fort Wayne is the largest university in northeast Indiana. As a Metropolitan University, it is uniquely positioned to serve the region as a crossroads of intellectual, social, economic, and cultural advancement and to continue expanding its global reach through research, scholarship, and creative expression.

Challenging academics are combined with a focus on student success across many prestigious degree programs, taught by nearly 350 full-time faculty. More than 8,300 degree-seeking students of diverse ages, ethnicities, and nationalities pursue their education on the nearly 700-acre campus. More than half of the students are first-generation college students, 15% are from underrepresented populations, and 73% of students receive some form of financial assistance to achieve their academic and career goals.

A majority of the growing alumni network of 57,000 live and work in northeast Indiana, contributing to the region’s economy, vitality, and intellectual strength.