Frequently Asked Questions

What is the IPFW Identity System?

The IPFW Identity System provides a comprehensive university-wide framework for presenting IPFW material through consistent copy, visual design, and photography standards. It was formerly known as the IPFW Graphic Style Guide.

What is a signature and why can’t I just use the IPFW logo?

A signature is the IPFW mark (or “logo”) and designated campus constituent affixed to the full university name in a predetermined design layout. Each IPFW signature is intended to reinforce the full university name with the IPFW acronym/logo and corresponding college, department, or program.

Do I have to use a signature whenever I use the IPFW logo?

Yes. The IPFW logo should not “stand alone” and is to be used in the context of a unit that contains the logo, name of the university, and the associated department/program and/or college.

How do I know which signature to use?

There are three things to consider:

  1. First, the university-wide signature (see example 1) is for use for general marketing and is reserved for campus-wide events and functions. Departments/divisions/programs/colleges/schools should all use the signature custom to the sponsoring unit/area.
  2. Second, the signature system allows for information that is most important to the reader to be most prominent depending upon in which line of the signature it appears. Decide which piece of information is most important to tie your message to the point of contact. This is usually the sponsoring unit (see example 2):
    • Generally, in regard to information hierarchy:
      • The sponsoring unit should be placed in the primary line of the signature. The university name will appear in the secondary line. Associated programs may fall in the tertiary line.
      • The university name must always appear in the primary or secondary line; never in the tertiary line.
  3. Third, the signature has a specific location/position in a layout (see example 3):
    • In regard to physical location/placement:
      • Signatures are designed to be placed in the upper-left or the lower-right of a layout. The triangle should appear first (on the left-hand side) if the signature is placed in the upper left. The triangle should appear last (on the right-hand side) if the signature is placed in the lower right.
      • Tip: There are two versions of signatures. As a measure of consistency, all signatures are strategically placed in the upper left and lower right corners of pages. This location is reserved specifically for these elements.

So, where do I get the signature I’m looking for?

Contact the IPFW IT Services Help Desk at 260-481-6030 to receive a password to access signatures. This will help protect indiscriminate access to the university logo, which is trademarked.

Next, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Vault page
  • Scroll down, past the Vault Photos box until you reach the Vault IPFW Signatures box.
  • Click on the Vault Signatures box and use your IPFW username and password to access the VAULT signatures.
  • When the Vault Signature portal opens, use the search area in the upper-right corner to locate the signature you’re looking for.
  • Signatures are available in .png format for all colleges, schools, divisions, and programs on campus. If you cannot find the signature you are looking for, please contact IPFW Marketing Communications at 260-481-6428 for assistance.

What if I want a different signature?

Please contact IPFW Marketing Communications if you feel you need a different configuration than is currently available in Vault, and we will be happy to create the version you are seeking.

Can I make my own signatures?

No. Marketing Communications prefers to maintain the consistency and quality control established in the IPFW Identity System. Please contact Marketing Communications for assistance and we will be happy to create the version you are seeking.

Can I send the signatures to vendors for printing on promotional items?

No. Please do not send the IPFW signatures to any vendor. All IPFW logos, signatures, verbiage, and seals are trademarked and licensed. As such, they are monitored by our licensing partner, Strategic Marketing Affiliates, on behalf of the university. Vendors do not have permission to use the IPFW name, verbiage, or any of our logos/marks/signatures without registering with Strategic Marketing Affiliates. (Vendors are subject to fines without proper permission/licensure from SMA.)

Sample Configurations

  • IPFW Universty-wide Signature

    Example 1. IPFW university-wide signature

  • IPFW Sponsoring Unit Signature

    Example 2. IPFW sponsoring unit signature

  • IPFW Signature Positioning

    Example 3. Left- and right-aligned signature positioning