• The IPFW Identity system was created to establish, preserve, and strengthen the branding of IPFW.


  • Always lead with relevant messages—visuals follow messaging cues.
  • Communicate clearly the prominent features and benefits of the overall university.
  • A solid understanding of the voice of your content will help reinforce your message from beginning to end.
  • Use thematic, campaign-oriented verbiage that is currently used in IPFW marketing materials.
  • The EO/EA statement must appear on all print/digital materials that contain the IPFW seal or marks.

Identity System

  • The IPFW seal is reserved for specific ceremonial and executive-level applications.
  • The official IPFW blue is PMS (Pantone Matching System®) 294.
  • Serif fonts are used in formal settings; sans serif fonts are considered less formal.
  • Our marks as well as our name are licensed and must be used following SMA guidelines.

Signature System

  • Whenever the IPFW primary mark and/or seal is used, it must be used as a complete signature.
  • First and foremost, the university presence must be evident and prominent.

IPFW Official Seal

  • When appropriate, use a complete signature that incorporate the IPFW official university seal.
  • The university seal is the only mark allowed on official university stationery.

IPFW Primary Mark

  • Signatures should not be created by sources outside IPFW Marketing Communications.
  • Use the checklist to ensure correct use and placement of signatures.
  • Use the various type fields to emphasize different information in a signature.

Signature Application

  • The IPFW signature must always appear in the upper-left or lower-right corner of the design space.
  • Half the size of the IPFW primary mark or seal is the allowance to the edge of a page or design space.
  • On an 8.5 x 11" layout, the primary university mark within the signature must be at least .75 inches tall.
  • Consistent placement of the university signature creates a unified, cohesive look.
  • Co-branding elements should be opposite the university signature so they don’t visually compete.
  • Use a grid to organize the placement of design elements in a visually logical way.

Official Marks and Sub-brands/Co-brands

  • An academic unit design system unifies all materials from a school, college, or division.
  • IPFW Alumni is a unique IPFW sub-brand and has specific marks and applications.
  • IPFW Athletics is another IPFW sub-brand and has specific marks and applications.
  • IPFW student organizations do not have permission to indiscriminately use the IPFW marks.

Signature Construction

  • The two-color version of the IPFW signature is preferred.
  • Maximum size: The IPFW signature does not have a maximum reproduction size.
  • “Indiana University–Purdue University Fort Wayne” can never appear in the tertiary type field.
  • Minion Pro or Helvetica Neue are the only two fonts allowed in the IPFW signature system.

Information Architecture Standards and Checklists

  • Information architecture is an objective measurement tool to assess the practical application of our identity standards.