IPFW Official Stationery System

The university seal is the only mark allowed on official university stationery.

Stationery System Overview

IPFW letters, envelopes, and business cards are ubiquitous expressions of the university’s engagement with its various audiences. They offer daily opportunities to solidify IPFW’s overall identity and represent the university’s role in many aspects of life and commerce. To achieve the greatest effectiveness, these basic communication materials require a harmonious relationship with all the other elements within the identity system.

These materials can be subject to considerable deviation unless care is taken to adhere to design and production standards.

The university seal is the only mark allowed on official university stationery and follows careful guidelines in regards to size, position, and location. Content is carefully established and follows guidelines established by Marketing Communications.

You can order stationery materials through Marketing Communications’ online request form at ipfw.edu/mc.

  • Letterhead, Envelope, and Business Card

    Official Letterhead


    #10 Envelope


    #9 Envelope


    Business Card—Front


    Business Card—Back

    Two-sided business cards are available and recommended when there is heavy content. This will prevent crowding of the signature.

  • Notecard, Envelopes


    Formal Note Card


    Informal Note Card


    Formal A-2, 6, 7 Envelope


    Informal A-2, 6, 7 Envelope


    Formal Mailing Envelope (11x13 inches)


    Informal Mailing Envelope (11x13 inches)

  • Pocket Folders and Name Tags


    Formal Pocket Folder


    Formal Pocket Folder


    Informal Pocket Folder


    Informal Pocket Folder


    Formal Name Tag


    Informal Name Tag


    Formal Permanent Name Tag


    Informal Permanent Name Tag

  • Notepads and Official Certificate


    Formal Notepad (8.5 x 11 inches)


    Informal Notepad (8.5 x 11 inches)


    Formal Notepad (5.5 x 8.5 inches)


    Informal Notepad (5.5 x 8.5 inches)


    Official Certificate