Signature Usage Guidelines

First and foremost, the university presence must be evident and prominent.


IPFW addresses its various audiences through an extraordinary array of media. Every document, brochure, catalog, website, video, or broadcast represents an opportunity to solidify and unify IPFW in the minds of readers and viewers. First and foremost, the university presence must be evident and prominent.

The university marks and signatures are graphic representations of the university’s name that enhance recognition and establish an identity when used consistently. Similar to a corporation’s trademark, the signature is the primary visual identifier for our institution and or its individual units. IPFW is striving to build recognition and recall around a consistent set of graphic identities. To that end, it is not in IPFW’s best interest to create additional wordmarks or logos that detract from our unified, consistent look.

Unique logos and identifiers for IPFW units will no longer be allowed. There are times when individual campuses, schools, or administrative units will want to create a theme for a special event, tour, season, or program. Care must be taken to distinguish when the graphic visual appears to be an “official” signature (or wordmark) and when it is a campaign theme’s graphic element.

In all cases, the formal IPFW signature should appear in a prominent location on marketing communications materials to promote an IPFW entity. If you are producing a graphic logo for a campaign or special event, please consider the following:

  • Is this visual graphic promoting the event or the IPFW unit (colleges, schools, divisions, departments, programs, or offices)?
  • If the elements of the graphic contain the exact same elements as the IPFW signature, only stylized in some way, then it is in competition with the IPFW signature and should not be used.
  • If it is necessary to use the name of the IPFW unit (solely) as the headline, please keep the typography consistent with the body text of the piece. For example, if a webpage header uses large type to state the name of the department or school, keep the headline font consistent with the body text and subheads on that page. Do not create an inconsistent, stylized version of the IPFW unit as a header.

Whenever the IPFW signature is used, the following rules apply:

  • The complete signature must be used.
  • The signature must not be altered or distorted in any way.
  • The signature should not be combined with another emblem or symbol.
  • Type should not touch the signature or signature elements, or be superimposed over them.
  • The signature must be placed so no other text or visual element is in close proximity.