The System

The IPFW Identity System has been developed from a foundation of honored, recognizable symbols and colors that have come to define IPFW. Each component of the system is treated in an integrated, comprehensive manner.

Introduction to Visual Identity Components


IPFW Official Seal is reserved for official IPFW stationery and ceremonial/formal materials. The seal includes the triangle, rivers, and the encircling text and was designed in 2000 by the New York-based firm Higashi Glaser Design. The design represents the convergence of three components of IPFW’s identity–Indiana University, Purdue University, and Fort Wayne, just as the three rivers (St. Joseph, St. Mary’s, and the Maumee) represent Fort Wayne. The circle encompasses and unites these elements into a unified whole. Separating the text are three small triangles which replicate the larger, central triangle.

The seal has sometimes been used as a default means of communication and occasionally without the gravity attached to its essential meaning. As stated, the IPFW seal is reserved for specific ceremonial and executive-level applications, including permanent building insignias, diplomas, university ceremonies; and for stationery, presentations, websites, and invitations for the Chancellor, deans, and provosts only.

IPFW Primary Mark is a triangle with three curvilinear lines running through it and is accompanied by the letters “IPFW”. The acronym of the university paired with a triangle represents the unique relationship of the university with the community (IPFW and Fort Wayne—known for its three rivers) and the relationship of Indiana University and Purdue University in a common location—Fort Wayne.

IPFW Secondary Marks are marks that play an auxiliary role to the IPFW brand marks. Secondary marks include the IPFW Athletics and Alumni marks.


The use of carefully defined colors is critical to the new system. In addition to officially specified blue and white/silver colors, recommended color palettes provide a range of options for development of official print and electronic communications. See Official Colors for specific color designations.


A consistently applied typographic system supports the IPFW Identity System. The system introduces the use of Minion Pro Bold and Helvetica Neue as the two primary IPFW fonts. They impart both a classic and contemporary welcoming tone to IPFW communications. See Typography for specific typeface applications.