Official Colors

The official IPFW blue is PMS (Pantone Matching System®) 294.

Official Colors

The official IPFW colors, blue and white, are important identifiers to the brand system and should be used consistently and be clearly visible in our communication efforts.

Careful matching is the key to a unified and consistent system. Pantone Matching System® tools should be used whenever possible for selecting, specifying, and matching solid Pantone colors, especially for stationery items.

When Pantone colors are not available, CMYK equivalents may be used. Hex values are for digital display only. When available and appropriate, metallic silver ink, Pantone Matching System® 877, may be substituted for (used in addition to) IPFW white.

  • IPFW Blue

    Print: Pantone 294

    Print: C100 M53 Y0 K47

    Digital: R0 G63 B135

  • IPFW White

    Print: Pantone—No equivalent

    Print: C0 M0 Y0 K0

    Digital: R255 G255 B255

  • IPFW Silver

    Print: Pantone 877 Metallic

    Print: C0 M0 Y0 K0

    Digital: R155 G155 B156