Licensing (SMA)

Our marks as well as our name are licensed and must be used following SMA guidelines (below).

IPFW and Learfield Licensing

IPFW Marketing Communications is responsible for ensuring the correct use and integrity of IPFW marks and logos on all university publications, supplies, materials, and equipment, whether produced by the university or an outside agency.

IPFW does not permit the use of its name or graphics in any announcement, advertisement, publication, or report if such use in any way implies university endorsement of any product or service.

The use of the IPFW marks for commercial purposes requires permission or licensure from IPFW and/or our licensing partner, Learfield. Learfield administers the license application process on behalf of IPFW and assists with issues of legality and enforcement.

  • IPFW Licensed Marks and Verbiage

    IPFW Licensed Marks and Verbiage