Official University Seal and Primary Mark

  • IPFW Official Seal

IPFW Official Seal

The IPFW seal is the parent mark of the university and was adopted in 2000. The seal includes the full name of the university separated by triangle elements, as well as the primary mark—the foundational element of our design system. The three rivers included in the triangle represents the confluence of IPFW’s relationship with the community, as well as the three rivers that were foundational in the growth and development of Fort Wayne. The official seal is placed in a signature configuration for the university stationery system.

  • IPFW Primary Mark

IPFW Primary Mark

The triangle (with curvilinear river elements) is the foundational element for our identity system. It is graphically strong, simple, and memorable. This mark is the preferred element for representing the university and is used as a component of the signature system. See the Signature Usage Guidelines for instructions on usage.


Stand-Alone Marks

The IPFW official seal and primary mark may NOT be used as stand-alone elements except when used for merchandise and promotional items. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis with prior approval of IPFW Marketing Communications.